Benefit from the European aids to build your Website, manage your Social Networks or create an Online Store with the help of Miraelpardalet.

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Specialized sectors

· Environment
· Agri-food
· Professional Schools
· Associations
· Small business
· Tourism
· Politics
· Integral consulting in institutional and business communication.

Integral management of social networks

· Planning of content and strategy for publications in Spanish, Valencian-Catalan, English and French

· Customized plans for companies, entities, associations and institutions

Advertising and marketing on and off-line

· Integral development of campaigns and associated services.

· Creativity, planning, definition of strategy, hiring in online and off-line media, campaign development, video, photography …


· Aerial photography and video with criteria and audio-visual production

· Steadycam


· Spanish, Valencian-Catalan, English and French

Town councils and institutions

· Integral content management for web, press, relationship with the media, social networks, broadcast channels by WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and Telegram, audio, video and streaming.

· Consulting in political communication, crisis, reputational and emergencies

· We are specialists in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

· Development of internal and external communication.

Content writing

· For all types of media: speeches, radio spots, magazines, reports, interviews, documentary script, brochures, reports …

Video, television and broadcast production

· ENG cameras with complete equipment for Castellón, Valencia, Teruel and Tarragona. HD and 4k

· Own service of «backpack» for connection and live performance. Duplex, play-out, news bulletin and sports.

· Video advertising, tourist and documentary.

· Editors for news and reports with extensive experience in television.

Layout and printing, turnkey

· Drafting, proofreading, layout and photography

· Magazines, newsletters, newspapers and all kinds of media.


· Contents designed and adapted for paper, digital, radio, video, television, podcast, social networks, billboards, subway, bus …

Press Clipping

· Impact reports in the press, social networks, off-line and online.

· Influencers, virality, interaction with followers.

Press office

· Press releases
· Office of spokesperson
· Relationship with the media

Web content and programming

· Integral design of corporate websites for freelancers, companies and institutions

· Drafting and development of written, audio-visual and programming content

· Online stores

Streaming and live broadcast

· Live broadcasting and realization with retransmission capacity to 4 cameras

· Management, production, recording of videoconferences and online meetings with any platform -Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex …


· Documentary, journalistic and product.

· Touristic, experiential and social

· Large format, landscape, flora and fauna.


· Planning and organization of events with all associated services:

· Networking, fairs, presentations

· All services associated with prior broadcasting, retransmission, organization, news coverage …

Biographies and Story Telling

· Written and audio-visual biographies

Vilafranca and Castellón